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by Donald Cantrell

Introduction: Paul had just warned everyone about the pitfalls of self confidence and lack of self control. His audience may have been struggling as to how not to follow in the footsteps of the Jews and their notable sins. Paul is now going to offer them an encouraging word on how to deal with temptation that is going to come their way. In our text today we will discuss the reality of temptation and the reliance that God offers us to overcome it.

by Johnny Hunt

INTRODUCTION: "He who is alone with his sin, is utterly alone. The pious fellowship permits no one to be a sinner. So, everyone must conceal his sin from himself and from the fellowship. We dare not be we remain alone with our sin, living in lies and hypocrisy. The fact is that we are sinners!" Dietrich Bonhoeffer - I also have discovered that what seems so alluring, so mesmerizing, in the secrecy of the imagination is revealed for what it truly is when it is confessed to another. Temptation flourishes in the dark, but it withers and dies when it is brought into the light of accountability.

by Lenny Ports

We are in a study on the Lord's prayer. Temptation comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is true, we all face it. People are tempted every day to cheat, lie, and steal. They are tempted to be unfaithful, to fall into sin, to do the wrong or unethical thing, to please any part of their flesh! Definition of TEMPTATION: - the trial of man's fidelity, integrity, virtue, constancy - an enticement to sin, whether arising from the desires or from the outward circumstances

by Jesse Hendley

Was Jesus Christ ever tempted? I mean with real temptation, as temptation comes to us? Can He sympathize with us in our temptations? When we are tempted are we lost? When we are tempted, does that mean He frowns on us and we lose His favor and His smile and He turns His back on us? Let us look at it from the Word of God. In Hebrews 4:15 we read that ''He was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.''

by David Cawston

INTRODUCTION: The one thing about temptation is: A little goes a long way. Temptation usually starts in a small way - it's just ''one little area.'' We reach out to touch it, and get a little bit of it on us. We try to shake off and find out it's sticky. No matter what we do, it doesn't let go. In fact, it starts moving up our arms and eating our way...

by Miles Seaborn

One way to give into temptations is what one guy said to me. He said, ''Preacher, I figured out how to deal with temptation.'' I said, ''Really? Tell me.'' He said, ''Give in to it, just don't worry about it, just go ahead. The natural urge is beautiful, therefore it feels good, do it.'' And so, spurred by animal and natural instincts some people live that...

by Ken Trivette

In spite of the numerous warnings given in God's Word, the numerous examples that can be found, and the repeated stories that are told, many fall prey to the temptation that the world, the flesh, and the devil put before them. Many are like the British writer, Oscar Wilde, who once said, ''I can resist anything but temptation.'' A woman was married to a miserly man. She had to fight for everything she got. One day, she told him she was going window shopping. He said

by James Merritt

1. James moves from dealing with the Christian going through trials in verses 2-12 to enduring temptation in verses 13-15. The word for trials and temptations is the same word in the Greek language but in reality it has two different ''meanings, a trial is a hardship or a problem or a trouble that inevitably comes into every person s life, and these are tests sent by god to make us stronger.

by Jeff Schreve

It's so good to see you here tonight. We are continuing our Forty Days of Purpose. And tonight, we want to talk about the issue of temptation. I heard about a lady, and she was in a diet club with some other ladies and trying to lose weight. And she came to the meeting one day and she was so upset. She said, ''Oh, I've gained weight.'' She said, ''I just had a terrible, terrible weekend.'' And they said, ''Well, tell me what happened.'' She said, ''Well, I made a cake for my family over the weekend, and

by Stan Coffey

I. Refuse To Be Intimidated II. Request God's Help III. Refocus Our Attention IV. Resist The Devil Rejoice with you this morning. Let's pause and go to the Lord in prayer as we begin. Father, we do want to thank you for the blessing of coming on the Lord 's Day and being with Christian friends, opening your word. We want to thank you for your goodness to us, your goodness to our families, your goodness to us as individuals

by Robert Dawson

A family had a big evening planned so the mom told her young son, ''You don't have time to go swimming in the pond this afternoon. I need you to be clean and dry when I am ready to go.'' As the time drew near to leave the little boy was nowhere to be found. The mother went down to the pond and sure enough there her young son was...

by Adrian Rogers

Take God's Word please and turn to Luke chapter four. Luke chapter four. We're going to read together now the first thirteen verses. And Jesus, being full of the Holy Ghost, returned from Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. And being forty days tempted of the devil. And in those days he did eat nothing...

by Ron Dunn

There is something that all of us in this building have in common, no matter who you are or what you are or what your position in life is, how educated you are or how uneducated you are, how spiritual you are, or how carnal you are...there is one experience that all of us have had in common this week. And that is the...

by Terry J. Hallock

We have been here so often and the scene never changes. I calculate that in my 56 years I have come to the Lord's table over 1,700 times and each time the menu and the words have been the same. "On the night He was betrayed Jesus took the bread, broke it, and gave it to His disciples saying, 'Take and eat, for this is my...

by Dennis Marquardt

In the spring when the ice breaks up a very unusual sight can be seen on the great Niagara Falls. Huge numbers of dead fish can be seen floating, encased in chunks of ice from the winter time ... the sea gulls are everywhere landing on the chunks of ice and picking at it with their beaks until they get the frozen treat they...

by Zach Terry

Beatrice Webb- One of the architect of the modern British welfare system. She and her husband founded the London School of economics. she was a Socialist and an Activist.1925 - In my diary 1890 I wrote I have staked all on the essential goodness of human nature. But now 35 years later I have discovered how permanent are the...

by Ernest Easley

As you're turning to 1 Corinthians 10 know this: Learning from those who have gone before you will save you a lot of trouble. Last week a section of Burnt Hickory was closed off for repairs. Well, I had forgot it and was on my way home, when suddenly, I came upon that closed section. I was detoured to Stilesboro then to...

by Rick White

Message Truth: There is not one person, including Jesus Christ, who has not faced temptation. Every person with the exception of Christ has yielded to temptation and faced the consequences of their actions. Temptation is inevitable, but we can say no if we know what to do.(Gen 39:1-20 NASB) Now Joseph had...

by Eddie Snipes

We all struggle with temptation and will continue to battle the beast within for as long as we abide in our bodies that are tainted by the curse of sin. Look at a passage we examined earlier from Romans 7:18-25 .18 For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform...

by Brad Whitt

Take your bibles now this morning and be finding your place at Matthew chapter 4 again if you would. We're in a series of sermons on the life of Jesus that we've entitled, "One Extraordinary Life." Now, if you were here last Sunday you'll remember that we began looking at one of the greatest battles that has ever taken place in...