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by Ken Trivette

1. Malachi in the passage before speaks of 3 very important relationships of life: - Our relationship to those around us - Our Friends - Our relationship to God - Our Father - Our relationship to our spouses - Our Family 2. These 3 relationship speak of the people that are around us, the God that is above us and the person that is adjoined us. 3. These relationships touch our: - Social life - Spiritual life - Marital life

by Stephen Whitney

In the 1960's Jimmy Ruffin wrote a contemplative song which was really a lament over losing the love of his life. The title of the song was: ''What becomes of the brokenhearted?'' Bill Crowder in his book, Singing the Songs of the Brokenhearted wrote, ''What becomes of the brokenhearted? It is a question that . . . bears the heart-cry of every person who has ever experienced loss, loneliness, rejection, shame, abandonment, or a score of other brutal life experiences.''

by Stan Coffey

We want to continue our series in recovery, ''The Pathway To Recovery.'' We have this morning's message and two others as we finish this series about how to recover from life's blows and life's difficulties and disappointments. And thank God that because of Jesus Christ and the fact that He is reaching out to us with His love, whatever has happened to us in the past can be put behind us. And today I want to talk about an absolute must if we are to recover and go on to become all that God wants us to be in our life. I want to talk about ''Restoring Broken Relationships.''

by James Merritt

INTRODUCTION 1. Listen to the following facts and see if you can guess what they all have in common: - 1,000 unwed teenage girls become mothers. - 1,106 teenage girls get abortions. - 4,219 teenagers contract sexually transmitted diseases. - 500 adolescents begin using drugs. - 1,000 adolescents begin drinking alcohol. - 135,000 kids bring guns or other weapons to school. - 3, 610 teens are assaulted; 80 are raped. - 2,200 teens drop out of high school. - 6 teens commit suicide.

by Miles Seaborn

Family problems and breakdowns are no new thing. True, they have grown to what the National Family Service Assoc. calls ''epidemic'' proportions and now ranks as America's No. 1 social problem. Billy Graham's magazine, Decision, quotes Dr. George Mace of the University of California as saying, ''The decline of modern marriage has...

by Jeff Schreve

If you have your Bible, please turn to Psalm 89. We're going to look at some key verses in that great Psalm. Well, in October of 1957, a brand new situational comedy hit the airwaves. It was a story about a middle-class family, father and a mother and two sons. The dad's name was Ward, and the mom's name was June, and they had Wally and Theodore. The show was called, ''Leave it to Beaver.'' How many people ever watched ''Leave it to Beaver?'' It was a popular show. It was a wholesome show.

by Joe Alain

An all-female law firm is turning heads in Chicago with a new billboard and a blunt message: "Life's Short. Get a Divorce." Oddly enough, the firm says about their advertisement, that "It promotes happiness and personal integrity." Others see it differently. Rick Tivers, a clinical social worker at the Center for Divorce Recovery in Chicago told ABC News the billboard "trivializes divorce . . . This makes divorce seem like it's not a big deal, and it's a huge deal for many people." ...

by John Barnett

Loneliness ''is the most desolate word in all human language. It is capable of hurling the heaviest weights the heart can endure. It plays no favorites, ignores all rules of courtesy, knows neither border nor barrier, yields no mercy, refuses all bargains, and holds the clock in utter contempt. It cannot be bribed; it will not be left behind. Crowds only make it worse, activity simply drives it deeper. Silent and destructive as a flooding river in the night, it leaves its slimy banks, seeps into our dwelling, and rises to a crest of despair. Tears fall from our eyes as groans fall from our lips-but loneliness, that uninvited guest of the soul, arrives at dusk and stays for dinner.

by Dave Gustavsen

We are rushing toward the finale of the life of Joseph. Just two more weeks left. So let me catch us up real quick…Joseph has gone from favored son to brutalized brother to Egyptian slave to Egyptian prisoner…and now he's been elevated to second in command in all of Egypt. And people were coming from all over the famine-struck world to get food in Egypt. And Joseph was in charge of selling the food. So that's where we've been.

by Jesus Culture Resources

Leading scientists have done research that gives some significant insight into what happens when our emotional needs are not met in our early years. When a person experiences rejection or a lack of love, the ''joy center'' of the brain is not stimulated and does not develop properly. As a result, many people fall into addictions, dysfunction, and an overall dependent personality. The good thing is that we can be restored by stimulating the joy center; we can actually rebuild that part of our brains. So in choosing joy and receiving the fullness of God's love, we can choose to walk in freedom from all wounds of deprivation.

by Patrick Edwards

In Genesis 2 we read God declare, ''It is not good that the man should be alone.'' I read this and I'm not sure if there is a more profound statement on the nature of humans than this. This one statement, made by our Creator, sums up exactly who we are and what we were made for. First, that man should not be alone points us to...

by David Cawston

Archippus was probably helping them pastor the church that met in their house for he is mentioned as a minister in the church in Colosse. Onesimus was his slave! The letter to Colossians, Philippians, Ephesians and Philemon were written during the years of AD61-63.All of these will be known as the Prison Epistles. During this time...

by Adrian Rogers

Turn, please, to Hebrews, Chapter 11, and our verse this morning is Verse 23, as we continue our series in God's Hall of Fame. And, of course, the way to be in God's Hall of Fame is to exercise faith in Him, for their Bible says "but without faith it is impossible to please Him." And Hebrews, Chapter 11 is a listing of the heroes of the...

by Ernest Easley

For several weeks we have been learning from the book of Galatians about The Lord of Liberty! Paul says in 2.16, ''knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus that we might be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law; for by the...

by Tony Nester

The Bible tells us that we are living at war. As Paul tells us in our Scripture Lesson, the Flesh and the Spirit are fighting against each other. This morning I want to say something about how this warfare affects our families. Let me take just a moment to make sure you understand what kind of fight the Bible is...