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by James Merritt

Introduction 1. Biblical scholars tell us that these words were written from the Mamertine prison in Rome. You can still see it today. It is a sunken dungeon oozing with slime, dark, cold and damp. Paul is writing by the fading light of a setting sun wistfully looking out his cell toward the Mediterranean Sea. And in his mind he remembers a man named Demas. 2. He had never had a more promising associate. He was young, aggressive, and enthusiastic.

by Ken Trivette

Outline: 1. A STORY OF DEVOTION a) Paul's Assessment of His Walk with the Lord b) Paul's Appreciation of His Work for the Lord 2. A STORY OF DESERTION a) He Left the Work of God b) He Limited the Work of God 3. A STORY OF DISTRACTION a) A Fascination with Earthly Things b) A Forgetting of Eternal Things 1. I have been preaching for over thirty-six years and I have seen many...

by Jeff Ginn

1. INTRODUCTION a. This weekend a group of our men went to the MLC in Rockville, VA for a national mission project. We were assigned to reroof one of the large buildings there. The roof looked good. In fact, one of our group said, ''Why, we could get five more years of use from that roof.'' It looked strong. But looks can be deceiving. Before long three of our men had fallen through the roof. It was rotten underneath the shingles. What a risk it posed! b. Our Christianity can be like that. We can look good from a distance. The outside, visible part might appear to be sound. But underneath there is rottenness. And someone is going to fall. We are backslidden and in need of serious repair.

by Stan Coffey

We've Been talking about the subject of restoration. I believe God is in the restoration business. God wants to restore marriages. God wants to restore His people. God wants to restore joy and power and peace. God is a restoring kind of God. No matter where you are spiritually, no matter how far you may be away from where you think you should be, the Lord is in the restoration business. Last Sunday I said that the word "restore" means to mend, as to mend a broken bone -- put that bone back into place and allow that bone to mend. Jesus is in the business of mending broken lives.

by Rex Yancey

This October 3 will be my fiftieth anniversary in ministry. I have seen many people come and go. I have seen preachers leave the ministry for many different reasons. They left for more money, or they lacked people skills. I would expect that a few of them missed their calling. I have seen deacons who were excited about serving God. They never missed a service. They were some of the best workers in the church. But today, they are nowhere to be found. Their backsliding may have been caused by a church decision they disagreed with, or because of their own carnality.

by Johnny Hunt

There are no short-cuts to dynamic relationships with the Lord. In this text, Gomer is a picture of Israel in a backslidden state. Her ''long ways home'' involved periods of discipline, moments of desolation and despair, along with experiences of repentance and renewal. The way back is never as easy as it may seem to some...

by Jerry Watts

Today we begin 'Part 2' of the Revelation. Chapter 1 constitutes Part 1 of this book because it highlights the things which ''have been.'' Chapter 2 begins with the things which are. While we ''THINK'' it will be a good thing to get to the present-day things, caution might be the word to hold up. As we take a look at chapters 2 and 3, focusing on the churches mentioned, we may discover that looking in God's mirror is not what we think it is.

by Jesse Hendley

My text today is John 6:67, in which the Lord said unto the twelve disciples, ''Will ye also go away?'' A group of disciples at this particular point in Jesus' life, who had been walking with Him, said to Him, ''We want to go with You, Jesus. We want to be saved and live with You here on earth and in heaven hereafter.'' These disciples suddenly turned around and left Jesus. They went away and broke His heart. They didn't want Him. They wanted religion. They had that. They had the Law. They believed in the Temple worship. They went through all the rituals, but they rejected Jesus Christ, the Son of God. They made the mistake many people make today.

by David Davis

This passage speaks of the backslider. What is a backslider? It is a child of God who has gotten out of fellowship with God. A backslider isn't a lost person - but a saved person. You have to go somewhere in order to slide back. It is a person who needs to return. Someone once asked - ''Do Baptists believe in backsliding?'' The reply? ''We not only believe in backsliding - we practice it!''

by M. Jolaine Szymkowiak

We see in this section of scripture the ideal expounded by Jesus is being taken literally by the people to whom he is speaking. The Jewish people are accustomed to their Jewish leaders speaking in this way, however, this time they misunderstand. ''Manna'' has been used as a symbol of ''spiritual food'' many times meaning God's Law, or Word. Even though Jesus continues to speak of it all meaning to eternal life, it is not being understood.

by Adrian Rogers

I want you to take your bibles now and turn to the book of Proverbs chapter fourteen and verse fourteen. Proverbs fourteen, verse four ten. I love to hear the pages turn, that's like music also. Here's a remarkable Proverb, short, concise, bur power packed. The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways and a...

by Donald Cantrell

It is a miserable thing to be a backslider. Of all unhappy things that can befall a man, I suppose ''backsliding'' is the worst. A stranded ship, a broken-winged eagle, a garden overrun with weeds, a harp without strings, a church in ruins--all these are sad sights. But a backslider is a sadder sight still. That true grace shall never be...

by Zach Terry

by Chuck McAlister

A book titled "The Criminal Personality" written by Stanton Samenow and Samuel Yochelson, describes a careful study of 250 habitual criminals. When they began, Samenow and Yochelson held the conventional view that criminals are victims of abuse and deprivation.They were looking for the social, psychological, or economic factors that...

by Jesse Hendley

If you have your Bibles, friends, turn with me to the Book of First Samuel, chapter 4. Verses 15 to 22 have some tremendous statements relative to our subject.The armies of Israel were in conflict with the armies of the Philistines. The were locked in battle, and Eli, the high priest, was awaiting word from the army as to how the...