by Jerry Vines

Revelation 12
5/26/85 Dr. Vines
I started with the last verse of the 11th chapter reading, because
actually this is the beginning of a new vision which God gives to us in The
Zevelation. The 11th chapter begins with the temple of God on the earth. The
12th chapter begins with a scene of the temple of God opened in heaven. Over in
;he book of Hebrews you may remember when God gives the discussion concerning
;he tabernacle and all the pieces of furniture that fit in the tabernacle and
-he te-mple hLe said ttrat a- i- of those e-arthly things ,ere figure<; of the true
ind that they were earthly representations of spiritual heavenly reality. So,
in this vision we see the throne of God in heaven, the temple of God is opened
ind the ark of the covenant is seen. The ark of the covenant is a symbol of the
ioliness of God and his covenant relationships with his people. This lets us
(now that what we are reading here is going to come from the very presence of
nod. The judgment that is to follow is a judgment that proceeds from heaven.
fou will notice that in the last verse it says:
...and there were lightnings, and voices, and
thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.
someone has described this as the percussion of deity. Here is the timpani of
3od. Here are the drums of God in the lightning and in the thunder and in the
roaring of the great earthquake. God is getting ready to judge. God is going to
3our judgment upon the earth. iere is a very important thing for us to learn in
this section of the Revelation. A lot of people do pretty well until they get
fight up here. Then when they move to the 12th chapter they get confused.
lere's why people get confused at this particular point.
In the 11th chapter we saw that we came right to the very edge of
eternity. You will notice in verse 15 of the 11th chapter when the seventh
trumpet began to sound the Bible says that the kingdoms of this world become
;he kingdoms of our Lor ...

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