by Jerry Vines

Dr. Vines 5/19/85
Turn back to the tenth chapter and the seventh verse. There we read
these words:
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should
be finished as he hath declared to his servants the
I want you to pull that verse into the 11th chapter and the 15th verse where
we begin our study tonight because it will help you understand the meaning of
the sounding of the seventh trumpet. There is a series of trumpets sounded in
the Revelation and each one of them give us a successive stage of the great
tribulation time that's going to come on this earth. But in the sounding of
the seventh trumpet, the Bible says that the mystery of God will be
completed. That simply means that it will be a time of consummation. It will
be a time of completion. We are brought chronologically at this point in the
Revelation to the edge of eternity. The Great Tribulation on the earth ends
and the reign of the Lord Jesus Christ on the earth begins. Everything
follows after this is really a summary or a recapitulation of what is stated
in these verses. Sometimes when you are reading a history book you may
remember that at the beginning of a new section of the book, there is a brief
summary statement of the things that are going to follow. This is really what
you have in these verses right here. These verses are verses of summary. It's
kind of like a capsule of everything that's going to come in the next
chapters. All of the things that are given in summary form here will be
explained and expanded in chapters 12 - 20. So, if you put chapter 6-Il right
here, then chapters 12-20 right here you wlrTi ddiscover they air e dea-'Iigng w-ith
the same period of time. They are dealing with the time of the great
tribulation - the conclusion of that age and the reign of Jesus on this
earth. There are two matters I want us to discuss tonight. In verse 15 we are ...

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