by Jerry Vines

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Returning Matters (17 of 19)
Heart Matters
Dr. Jerry Vines
2 Samuel 19

David was a man after God's own heart. This does not mean that David was a perfect man. It is very obvious when you read the account that David was not a perfect man. Even now David is experiencing some of the sorrow, heartache and fallout of his own personal sin. It plagues him all the way to the end of his life. He was a man after God's own heart in the sense that he was sensitive to God and he was open to God. When David sinned and he was confronted with his sin, he openly confessed his sin and came back to the Lord.

In 2 Samuel 19, these opening verses begin our study around the theme of "Returning Matters." It's time to bring the king back to his kingdom.

The Absalom rebellion has been crushed and it's time to bring back the king. David is a man who is absolutely brokenhearted. His heart is filled and overwhelmed with the emotions of grief, sorrow and agony. Probably added to the pain of his bereavement was his own awareness of what a poor father he had been and probably the nagging thought in his heart that it might be indeed true that Absalom, his son, is dead because of his own sin. He has sorrow on top of sorrow and he has tears flowing after tears. He is filled and overcome with grief so much so that what was supposed to have been a day of great victory for Israel has become almost like a day of defeat. He is so overwhelmed with his grief that he seems to forget that 20,000 people in Israel had lost their lives in this battle. Sometimes grief has a way of turning us so inward that we can only see ourselves, our own problems and difficulties and are not able to see that there are others who have hurts and problems also.

Absalom is dead and his father, David, is broken hearted. He is saddened and he is mourning about it. Joab is not saddened. Joab is the one who thrust the spears into the heart of Absalom and threw his dead carcass into a pit. When Joab ...

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