by Jerry Vines

Revelation 11:1-13
Dr. Vines
There are many things in this chapter which we do not understand.
There is a great deal of difference of opinion about some of the things that
are taught here. Men teach a variety of things about the details of this
chapter. I'm not overly concerned that you understand all of the minute
details of the book of Revelation. It will not be until we get to heaven that
we'll fully understand everything God has given to us in this wonderful book.
But we must keep in mind that the purpose of the Revelation is to unveil
Jesus Christ. It's goal and aim is to see the Lord Jesus Christ clearer and
to love Him better. When I get to a place where I do not understand
everything that's involved, I get all of the blessing I can out of it, I
learn everything I possibly can about the passage, then I start looking for
the Lord Jesus. I see how Jesus fits in the passage, I focus my attention
upon Him, and I am always blessed. Don't be disturbed if you don't understand
a lot of things we read about in these verses. Remember that all of it is
written to unveil the Lord Jesus Christ to cause you to love Him more and to
serve Him better.
As we begin the chapter there are several details that are unfolded
to us as the chapter progresses. First of all, I call your attention to the
temple worship. Something altogether unusual is given to us in these verses.
We are told in the future that there is going to be a temple of God. This, of
course, is not what we would expect. Why in the days of the future is there
going to be a temple? Did not the Lord Jesus Christ, when He walked on this
earth, fulfill all of the types and the shadows of the temple? There is no
necessity now, is there, that there be a temple anymore. Didn't Jesus fulfill
all of the details of the temple and the tabernacle. Yet, we read in the
future day and the Bible tells us about a temple of God. What temple is it
talking about here? To what is it referring whe ...

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