by Jerry Vines

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Scandal Matters (15 of 19)
Heart Matters
Jerry Vines
II Samuel 11-13

When you think about the life of David, two names immediately come to your mind. There is the name of Goliath which reminds us of the greatest victory in David's life. There is the name Bathsheba which reminds us of the greatest defeat in his life.

The story of David and Bathsheba, in many ways, is a watershed event in the life of King David. David is at the zenith of his reign as king. He has been king for approximately 20 years. He is about 50 years old. He has plenty of money. He has universal praise and adjuration from the people. He has everything a person could desire. He is at a most difficult and a most dangerous period of time in his life. The times you have really watch for in your life is when you think you have things made, when you have arrived. When you've made yours and are getting ready to enjoy the good things of life.

This experience of David and Bathsheba comes to be kind of like a saw which divides the reign of David. It rips apart the early years and the closing years of the reign of King David. What is so gripping about this story? Why is it that the story of David's immorality with Bathsheba so grips the hearts of people today? Of course, there is always that fascination with any sexual affair. Also, I think it is true that it is a story which has been repeated so many times throughout the centuries. It is a story which is being repeated in the city of Jacksonville this very night. It is altogether sadly possible that it may be a story that is being repeated in the lives of some individuals who are sitting in this very room this evening. The story of David and Bathsheba.

I want us to follow this scandal story and just look at it as if unfolds from the word of God.

I. David's SIN.

Chapter 11 gives us this sin of David. It was spring time. That was the time normally when armies went out to battle. It was a time of spring whe ...

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