by Jerry Watts

The Harvest
Jerry Watts
John 4:31-38

One of the great heroes in my life is my dad. Over the past years you've heard much about him because he is so much of me. It's not that he's perfect, but in my view, for these 61 years, he's been consistent. He was born during the depression to a share-cropper so his young days, like so many of that era, were difficult. Dad's education extended only to 2 weeks in the 10th grade. Part of what caused that was the life that this family of 7 kids had as sharecroppers.

Every year when it was time for school, it was time for the Harvest. From dawn till dusk they were in the fields harvesting, well, whatever had been planted (I.E. cotton, beans, peas, corn, okra, etc). I remember dad telling me how he and his siblings would go and register for school the first day and then not be able to attend for the next 2 or 3 months until the harvest was in. This put all of them behind in school and in his words, just made it too difficult to desire to catch up.

I tell you this story to attempt to communicate that which you should already know, ''When the Harvest is ready the Workers must work.'' In dad's family he and his brothers and sisters were the work force, the harvesters and knowing my Papaw, he didn't take 'no', 'wait', or ''I'll get to it'' for an answer because the harvest was his livelihood - without the harvest, his family had little hope.

When Jesus walked on earth, He called people to FOLLOW HIM. If they would follow Him, He would make them to become Fishermen and Farmers. This is His call to us today (READ TEXT).

Back in verse 6 we are told that Jesus was wearied from the journey and parenthetically verse 8 tells us that the disciples went to buy food, so we can ascertain that Jesus was tired, thirsty, and hungry when they arrived at the well. But then He had the experience of leading this woman to faith and interacting with the people of the town and all of a sudden, He's no longer tired or hungry.

That tends ...

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