by Jerry Vines

John is given by the Lord a vision of heaven; and allows him from a
heavenly perspective to view the things that are going to take place in the
future. Sometimes it is very easy for us to get caught up in the mire of
current affairs, and to become so occupied by what's taking place in this
world that we really fail to understand actually what's going on. The only
proper vantage point to understand human history is from the vantage point of
heaven. Looking at things from this earth's point of view, many times it makes
no sense. There is no reason. There is no rhyme to the events that are taking
place. But, from a heavenly perspective, when we understand that God is on the
throne, we are able to understand and we are able to see.
A few years ago I was preaching a revival for Tom Turner in the
Dalton area. He had a carpet mill at the time. I remember going visiting that
day into the carpet mill and looking at the underside of some of the carpet.
All of the tangled threads and different shades and colors rmn the- undersid-e
of the carpet made no sense whatsoever. But, when we went up above and looked
down and when we saw the design that was intended for the carpet from a
vantage point above, everything began to make sense and come together. There
are many things in this world which you and I do not understand. Things come
into our lives and events transpire that make no sense to us whatsoever. But,
John lets us know that one of these days we are going to be caught up to
heaven and from the vantage point of God's throne, we'll look down on this
earth and understand; it'll all make sense and we'll be able to say, thou hast
done all things well. When you look at this chapter and in the fifth chapter
as well-, you wi$l notice that the throne of God is the center of the
attraction. Twelve times in this chapter four he talks about the throne. Five
times in the fifth chapter he talks about the throne. In ...

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