by Jerry Watts

Turning Point
Jerry Watts
John 4:27-30, 39-45

One of my favorite preachers is a man who is a favorite preacher among tens of thousands of people in America. His name is David Jeremiah. His radio/television show, Turning Point, has been growing in popularity for over 25 years. For me the popularity is based in Dr. Jeremiah's clear and concise way of speaking the truth which has the power to bring you to a ''Turning Point'' in your life. In the early days of the show he had a theme song which ended with these words, ''This could be your turning point.'' As we hover over God's word today, I would like us to meditate on this thought, ''Turning Point'' because most people come to some kind of turning point in their life.

Young people chase their dream of fame and fortune (In music, sports, etc), (which means until one day reality hits them in the face, that says, ''You're not quite as good as your mom told you were,'' some people chase what we used to call an unsavory life (I.E. again we used to call that 'wine, women, and song) until they are forced to grow up and realize the fruitlessness or pointlessness of that focus, and some others just chase the wind until the wind blows against them and they come to the end their rope. That moment of reality becomes their turning point as they chart a course for life which is reasonable, fits their skillset, and possibly deploys their spiritual gifts. But without the crisis of this turning point, for most life is tough.

Did you realize that the same is true about your spiritual life? The Bible tells us we are 'dead' in trespasses and sin. This means that spiritually we are devoid of life. Don't miss the fact that because we are created in the image of God, in our humanity we can run from our creator all of our lives, we can choose sin, and ultimately make a mess of things. It is only when Jesus comes into our lives and we experience a turning point that our lives can be redirected toward our Father.

One place that ...

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