by Jerry Vines

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Dream Matters (13 of 19)
Heart Matters
Jerry Vines
2 Samuel 7

Perhaps there is someone sitting in this service and there were days when you had great dreams for God. You felt there were some things that you wanted to do for God. You had a desire in your heart. So, you set out to accomplish those dreams. Somewhere along the way, those dreams were never fulfilled. Maybe you were a young man and you felt like God wanted you to be a preacher. You had a great desire in your heart to preach the Gospel and be a mighty preacher of the Word of God. But those plans were not realized. Maybe when you were a young girl you wanted to be a nurse or maybe a missionary and let God use you in a special field to serve Him and be what God wanted you to be. Maybe you wanted to be a Christian business man and use the money that you were enabled by God to earn to give great sums of it to the things of the Lord, but those plans were not fulfilled. So, your dreams were shattered. The Lord seemed to through the circumstances of your life, say to your heart, "This is not my plan for you. This is not what I had in mind for you."

David had a dream in his heart, as we will find in this chapter. Yet, it became very apparent that this was not God's plan for his life. In many ways, these are good days for David. They are indeed the best of times for this man who is now the king of Israel. Jerusalem has been established as his capital. The ark of the Lord has been brought into Jerusalem and David has prepared a special tent of worship where the ark would be placed. We are told in this first verse that the Lord had given him a rest from all of his enemies. So it was the best of times for David. His approval ratings were at an all-time high.

Now, David is on the verge of the great days of his kingdom and there is a dream in his heart. But as we shall see, it will be a dream that will not be fulfilled. In the first 3 verses I want to call your attention to –


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