by Jeff Schreve

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The Truth about Islam (2 of 9)
Series: Future Shock - What in the World Is Going On?
Jeff Schreve
Matthew 24:3-14

In 1992 a movie came out it turned out to be a huge hit, a great blockbuster. It was a military movie. It was called ''A Few Good Men.'' How many of you saw that movie? Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson were in that movie. And in the climactic scene, if you know the story, a man, William Santiago, a marine, who they said in the movie was a sub-standard marine, ended up getting killed. And the scuttlebutt was he died in a Code Red, which was not kosher, and it wasn't right, and it could get the higher-ups in lots of trouble, so they denied that they ever called for a Code Red. And they were hanging these two marines out to dry who did the Code Red, but ended up killing William Santiago in the hazing. So Tom Cruise, who plays the attorney for the marines, he gets Colonel Nathan Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, on the stand, and he starts to accuse him, saying that he ordered the Code Red. And in the climactic moment Tom Cruise says, ''I want the truth.'' And Jack Nicholson said, ''You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.'' And it's just kind of building, you know, when he says that, and he's such a great actor. ''You can't handle the truth.''

Well, today, in our series, ''Future Shock: What in the world is going on?'' we're going to talk about something that's in the news a lot and something that is very, very important for us to know about, and that is the truth about Islam.

Now many people don't want to hear the truth about Islam. If you say anything at all that's negative about Islam, you might end up dead. If you say Islam is violent, they will tell you, ''You better not say that anymore. If you keep saying we're violent, we'll kill you.'' Oh, okay, well proved my point, right? So we're going to talk about the truth about Islam. I'm not going after any person, any individual, any Muslim. I'm talking about a philosophy, a religion, a do ...

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