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Jerry Vines
I Samuel 28

David has been selected by the Lord to be the second king of Israel. Saul is the first king and the Lord has rejected Saul and has selected David to be his successor. Saul is very jealous of David. He knows that this is going to happen and he is trying to fight against the providence of God, and prevent what God has said is going to occur from occurring.

So, for about ten years David has been on the run. He's been in the mountains and in the caves and in the forests and now he is over in Ziklag, which is enemy territory.

Interest in the occult is a rising phenomenon in America according to Dr. Charles Rice who is the dean of the Clear Creek Baptist Bible College in Kentucky. He also points out that it is especially growing in interest among teenagers. By the occult he means astrology, palm reading, witches, witchcraft, communicating with the dead, and Satanism. He points out that many times teenagers get into the occult by such games as Dungeon and Dragons. Also, through music and videos which are available to them. We do know, of course, that this kind of thing is well documented. Many of the rock groups today are Satanists in nature and they do promote the occult and these kinds of activities.

Geraldo Rivera, sometime ago, had a television special on Satanism in America. He did document the fact that it is a rising phenomenon in America. I Samuel 28 is a passage of Scripture which I find to be one of the most astounding and amazing and yet one of the most informative in all of the Bible about the subject of the occult and the dangers of it.

We are studying primarily the life of David and for that reason I almost just jumped over this chapter. But the more I studied it and the more I saw what was going on in the life of Saul, the more I felt it was a message that God really wanted me to share with you in this particular

We start off in verse one as if ...

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