by Jeff Schreve

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Israel and the End Times (5 of 9)
Series: Future Shock - What in the World Is Going On?
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 12:1-3

If you have your Bible, I want you to turn with me to Genesis chapter 12. We've been in a series the last few weeks entitled, ''Future Shock: What in the World is Going on?'' And we've been looking at some things going on in our world and they're, indeed, shocking. And the amount of change that's taking place in our world is so rapid that it's hard to keep up. And if you're not following the news, you're getting left behind, because things are changing and there are rumblings around the world. And Jesus told us it was going to be like that in the last days.

Well, as we talk about ''Future Shock: What's Going on in the World,'' it's impossible to understand what God has done and is going and will do in this world unless you understand about Israel and the Jewish people. So many people don't understand about Israel and the Jewish people.

Let me tell you something, lots of people have difficulty understanding the Old Testament. Is there anybody in here would be honest enough to say, ''Man, I struggle a little bit with the Old Testament?'' All right, some of us, well, the Old Testament can be hard. It can be very hard because the Old Testament covers thousands of years and you just pick it up and you can't just jump in and read something and say, ''Oh, okay.'' Because you don't know the context, you don't know what was going on. And unless you really know what's going on and why God said what He said, the message to the Major Prophets and the message to the Minor Prophets, you're just scratching your head, saying, ''I don't understand this very much.'' New Testament is a little easier. Why, because the New Testament covers 100 years of history. Now, it's got apocalyptic literature, the Book of the Revelation is all in future, but it covers that 100 year period in that first century. And so we can keep up, the only power in the first century is ...

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