by Stephen Whitney

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Broken by Despair (2 of 12)
Series: Psalms of the Broken Hearted
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 12

People use words to deceive us into believing one thing when in fact they really mean something else. When President Clinton was accused of having sex with a Whitehouse intern Monica Lewinsky he decided to on national TV and delivered one of the most skillfully bold-faced lies in American history as he pointed his finger at the camera and said he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky.

He deliberately led the American people to believe one thing while he meant something completely different by his words. Robert Reich, a loyal Clinton friend for 30 years, said it was a lie delivered with ''passionate intensity and stunning conviction.''
The result of the lie was that his approval rating soared and congress was afraid to impeach him because he was so popular.

David lamented the culture in which godly, faithful people had disappeared and been replaced by those who speak deceitfully.

John Gill speculated that this struggle may have been the by-product of David, as a young man in the court of King Saul, seeking to live with integrity in the midst of courtiers who lied about David's actions and motives or that it could have been a reference to the days when his own son Absalom turned against him and sought to take the thrown from David.

Bill Crowder wrote, ''In either case, David sees in his own heart a desire to live for God honorable, yet that desire is in danger of being overwhelmed by the duplicity and hate that surrounds him. It is simply wearing him down.''

Deliver :1
Save (KJB help) - keep me safe or deliver me.
It is a common cry when a situation seems helpless.
David realized that he was not able to save himself from the corruption and evil around him.
Godly . . . faithful - those who you could trust to tell the truth.
They would always speak the truth so you could trust them.
They told the truth so you could take them a ...

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