by Stephen Whitney

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Broken by Desperation (5 of 12)
Series: Songs of the Broken Hearted
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 42

The word depression means to be pressed down. It is a feeling of dejection because your spirit sinks low from any number of things:

1. A health problem which you continually have to deal with so physically you do not feel strong or well.
2. People you trusted who have turned against you so you feel betrayed and all alone instead of encouraged and supported.
3. Difficult circumstances you continue to face such as: death of a loved one, lose of a job or a friend.

The reality is anything can cause a person to become depressed.
Synonyms used for depression include: the blues, dejection, melancholy and sadness. Depression can result in: despair, desperation or hopelessness that the situation will not change.

Roger Barrett in a book he wrote about depression describes it as a ''wretched experience that leaves you exhausted, uninvolved, and in deep, hopeless despair . . . You feel doomed, trapped.''

The phrase the blues is a reference to feeling sad or depressed because life is not going well. The phrase came from the music which originated in the Mississippi Delta in the late 1800's. African-American slaves forced to work from sunup to sundown sang rhythmic songs to ease their hard labor. It was a sorrowful, soulful music that bemoaned the misery and injustice of life.

In a survey 95% of adults admitted having occasional times of depression. The word depression is a clinical term which is not found in the Bible. The psalmists used words which described and implied depression in psalms 42, 69, 88, and 102.

In psalm 42 the writer relates his innermost feelings of despair and discouragement over his present situation as he felt abandoned by both his friends and God while mocked by his enemies.

Present Longing :1-2
The psalmist knows he needs the encouragement that comes from God in order to change how he feels about his cir ...

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