by Stephen Whitney

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Broken by Hate (8 of 12)
Series: Songs of the Broken Hearted
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 56

Fear is a powerful emotion which causes us to act to save our self.
It will cause us to do something to save our life from the danger:

1. We might runaway and hide.
2. We might tell a lie.
3. We might seek security.
4. We might pray real hard.

God wants us to turn to him when we are afraid and find our security in him alone, not in anything we can to do help our self.

Thomas Watson wrote, ''Faith, though it has sometimes a trembling hand, it must not have a withered hand, but must reach.''

Background I Samuel 21:10-13

When David fled to Gath, which was the hometown of Goliath, he was recognized and he feared for his life. M.B. Myer wrote, ''David was regarded with hate . . . his hands had been soaked with Philistine blood, and his fortunes had come at the expense of bereaved hearts and homes. He thought the torch of his life would go out in the dark waters of Philistine hatred.''

David decided that to save his life he would pretend to be insane. Afraid for his life and at the end of his own resources David now turns to God and pours out his fears.

It is too bad that we often turn to God only after we have tried to save our self from trouble and our efforts have failed. We can relate to what David writes because we are often just like him; going to God after we have tried to help our self.

Request :1-2
David realizes that he went to Gath on his own without divine direction and is now in trouble for trusting himself instead of trusting God so he begins with asking God to be gracious.

He is asking for God to be kind to him instead of allowing him to reap the natural consequences of his decision to go to Gath.
Trample (KJB swallow) - Heb. to breathe heavily or pant after.
It is a metaphor taken from wild animals as they attack another animal to kill it, so figuratively it means to thirst for one’s blood.
The ...

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