by Stephen Whitney

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Broken by Injustice (11 of 12)
Series: Songs of the Broken Hearted
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 73:1-14

Injustice is part of living in a sinful world in which life is unfair. We read of people, who were guilty of a crime, but they were set free because of some technicality in the law or we hear about a drug lord who lives in luxury as the result of selling drugs which ruin the lives of others while a believer struggles to meet ends.

The problem of injustice in the world causes Asaph, who was chosen by David to lead worship in the tabernacle, to question: Is it really worth living a godly life because it appears that the wicked are not punished, but the righteous suffer.

Graham Scroggie wrote, ''All wicked people do not prosper and all godly people do not suffer. But the problem lies in the fact that wicked people do prosper and good people do suffer.''

Envious of the Wicked :1-12
God's Goodness :1
Truly - you can count on this to happen.
Charles Spurgeon wrote, ''It is more correctly, only. . He is only good, nothing else but good to his own. God is essential goodness in himself, and in every attribute of his nature he is good.''

Asaph believes that everything God does for his people is good.
Psalm 119:68 God you are good and do good.

God is good to his people and his true people are pure like him.
Pure (KJB clean) - Heb. not defiled or dirty.
Their motives are to please God by living lives that honor him.
They live to honor him rather than to please themselves.


God is been good to those who are pure in heart:

1. He forgives them of their sins so their guilt is removed.
2. He provides for their physical needs - daily bread.
3. He protects them from many kinds of danger.
4. He nurtures them spiritually by his Holy Spirit.

His Doubts :2-3

But - in contrast with God's goodness he saw that those who were not pure prospered so it did not seem that God was being just.

Asaph was having trouble reconciling what he be ...

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