by Stephen Whitney

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Confident Faith (12 of 12)
Series: Psalms of the Broken Hearted
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 73:15-28

Hindsight is 20/20. We can always look back and see that we could have made a better choice or decision about something. But the fact is that we have to live our lives making choices in the present without being able to see the consequences.

The Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (d. 1855) said, ''Life must be lived forward. Unfortunately it can only be understood backward.'' When we are able to look back at what happened then we can clearly understand what took place and the consequences of our decisions.

Bill Crowder wrote, ''Sometimes our clearest understanding of life's events comes only when we see those events through the rearview mirror. Hindsight gives a more meaningful and accurate context to what we have experienced.''

Asaph was bothered by the injustice that he saw around him in which the ungodly prospered while the godly struggled to live.
As a result he had almost lost his faith in God's justice.

Personal Confusion :15-17
He realized that if he spoke against what he thought was God's injustice it would cause great harm to the faith of other believers.

Betrayed (KJB offend) - Heb. to act deceitfully or without faith.
He was concerned that his doubt would affect the faith of others.

:16 As he tried to think though the problem of injustice he came
to realize that it was too difficult for him to understand.

:17 Sanctuary - tabernacle where the presence of God dwelt.
I Samuel 3:3-4 Samuel, the young boy, was lying down in the tabernacle, where the ark of the Lord was when the Lord called his name and he responded, ''Here I am.'' The reason God called him was to reveal to him judgment upon Eli's wicked sons.
Crowder wrote, ''Sanctuary does not refer to a physical location but to an idea - the idea of abiding in the presence of God.''
Charles Spurgeon wrote, ''He shifted his point of view.''

When h ...

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