MATTHEW 24:40-51

by Jerry Vines

Matthew 24:40-51
Dr. Jerry Vines
Well, I want you to turn in Matthew 24 and I'm picking up today with
verse 40 and will read to the end of the chapter, and this is the third mesage
in the 24th chapter which is our Lord's sermon on His awn return. These are the
words- that Hei give about D ccmng- ayanT*. And, you knw, When you Listen very
carefully and watch the news that's taking place today, it certainly heightens
your execncy of the returning of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Now, we're told specifically in this chapter that is not for us to know
the day nor the hour when Jesus will ocoe. We can have indications of general
nearness of the return of the Lord, and so, we ought to be looking for the Lord
to com and living in the light of His return everyday. I think there is no
subject in the Bible that is more interesting and is a greater incentive to live
for the Lord and to tell people about Him then the truth of the ang again of
So, let's begin now with verse 40. You're going to be really interested
in this matter today.
A. "T3aken" in Jubilation
This is the third portion of our Lord's three part sermon about the end
tiees and how those times relate to every division of humanity. The Bible
divides the whole world into three great divisions. There are the Gentile
nation, there is the Jewish Nation, and then there is the Church of God. Now
when a person is saved be ye Gentile, or be ye Jew, he becomes a meber of the
body of Christ, the Chur of the Lord Jesus Christ. The mystery of the Church
according to the Bible is that both Jew and Gentile are made one in the Body of
Christ. It is a mystery that cannot be witnessed anywehre else on the earth.
God takes fonrmr clashi elements and H puts them together in His Body the
Now in the opening part of this chapter, we have already seen the end
times as they relate to the Gentile nations. In the main part of the chapter, we
have studied the end tioes as they relate to the Je ...

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