by Jerry Vines

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Colossians 4:7-15
Jerry Vines

LifeWorks #17

We are going to take a look at a long list of names in this passage and explain to
you why these names are in the Bible and why we are even bothering to look at these
particular names. It takes a lot of people, just average ordinary people, like you and me to
get the work of the Lord done. The Bible says that we are laborers together with God.
So, it takes a lot of just plain, ordinary folks. It’s wonderful to know that God will use
average people to do unordinary, out-of-the average kinds of things for the Lord.
Paul is world famous. Paul is one of the most famous personages in history and all
of us know about Paul. What we may not know is there were a number of people who
were associated with Paul in his work who were vital and indispensable to the work of the
Lord which God did through the Apostle Paul. Paul had a way of showing his
appreciation and gratitude to those who were associated with him in the work of the Lord.
In many of his writings, at the conclusion, you will find he will give a list of names and will
thank them and show his appreciation to them. Sometimes when you read the writings of
Paul you may think that he was a hard-hearted man. But Paul was a very warm-hearted
man and a man who had genuine appreciation and gratitude for that vast host of people
who were around him in the work of the Lord.
I think it would be something you might get a blessing out of sometime to just get
out a pencil and paper and make a list of all of those people who have been a help to you.
Those people who have been an encouragement to you. I was thinking as I was preparing
this message, how many of you are involved in the work of the Lord here and how special
you are and how precious you are. For instance, how many of you are involved in any
way, in Sunday School, secretary of a class, in the work of our Sunday School? Would
you lift y ...

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