by Jerry Vines

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Colossians 4:2-6
Jerry Vines

LifeWorks, #16

We are looking this evening at some witness works and some very helpful
information about how the whole enterprise of witnessing to others and telling others
about the Lord works. I hope it will be an encouragement to you as we study these verses
It seems that increasingly we are getting good news about the fight against cancer.
Maybe you read an article just recently that they are getting closer and closer to a cure for
this dread disease of cancer. It will be good news indeed when they find out the solution
to this tremendous problem and are able to devise means to deal with the disease of
Maybe there’s a scientist who found the cure for cancer and then took that
information and buried it and refused to share with the world his cure. It would be a
crime, wouldn’t it. A man like that would be prosecuted. It would be criminal to have
good news about how to how a disease like cancer and not share that disease with other
The Bible says that you and I have some good news for this world. It is the good
news that people can go to heaven when they die. They can have a meaningful life. They
can be forgiven of their sins. They can have peace in their hearts which passeth
understanding. It would be a crime for you and me to have good news like that and not
share this good news with a world that desperately needs it.
I think in the Old Testament of an experience with two lepers who were in
desperate condition. They were hungry, they were starving, they were looking for a way
to survive. They went into a city and found that the city had an abundance of material
things and here’s what they said, “We do not well, this is a day of good tidings and we
hold our peace.” It is not good to have good news that people need and not share that
good news with others. I wonder what kind of approach are you taking. What efforts a ...

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