by Jerry Vines

Matthew 22:15-46
Dr. Jerry Vines
The controversy which has been building between the Lord
Jesus Christ and the religious leaders has now come to open
confrontation. Jesus has given a series of parables and these
religious leaders have come to understand that He was talking about
them. When Jesus told about the wicked servants who killed the son of
the vineyard owner, they understood that Jesus was talking about them.
Then when Jesus told about the invitation to the marriage feast and
those who refused the invitation to come, they understood that Jesus
was talking about them. So, they are infuriated with Jesus Christ.
They have determined that they are going to arrange the circumstances
of His life so that He will eventually go to death. You and I know
they are going to be successful. They are going to so manipulate and
so direct affairs that it will result in the death of Jesus on the
cross. You and I also know that beyond their wicked plans, behind
their devious devisings God Himself is at work to bring about the death
of Jesus Christ, His Son, on Calvary's cross for the whole wide world.
But they have determined that they will entangle Jesus in His talk.
The word really means they will trap Jesus Christ. It is a hunting
term -- a term used to trap an animal. These religious leaders have
become like hunters who are stalking their prey. They come to the Lord
Jesus with a series of loaded questions. They are convinced that they
can ask questions that Jesus Christ cannot answer. How wrong they
were. You and I know they were dealing with omniscient. They were
dealing with One who knows all things. Isn't it a wonderful thing to
know that Jesus is the great question answerer. Jesus has the answer
to all of the questions of life. There is no question beyond the
ability of Christ to solve. There is no problem that you have as an
individual which is above or beyond the power of Jesus Christ to give
an answer.
One of t ...

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