by Joe Alain

The Creation of the World: Five Amazing Truths
Joe Alain
Genesis 1:1-2:3

The creation of the world (all that we know and don't know) is described in thirty-four (34) verses, easily read in about three (3) minutes, and contains approximately 900 words, fewer words than the Declaration of Independence (1,458 words). One reason for such a brief outline of creation is that people in ancient times depended on the oral transmission of information. Each generation passed on to the next generation by retelling their stories. Here in Genesis 1 is our story and it is what God wants us to know, about him, our world, and ourselves.

Genesis 1 is not a scientific explanation of creation or a detailed history (although when interpreted in context it is not in conflict with science or history). It doesn't answer all our speculative questions about how long God took to create or the processes that he might have used or what happened to the dinosaurs.

And while it's interesting to speculate about these matters, we want to be sure we don't miss the main message of the creation story in Genesis 1-2. Above all else, the story of Genesis 1-2 is a message about God, he is the subject from the very first word. It's also a message about our world and the role that we have in God's creation. So, the most important thing to know about Genesis 1-2 is that it's about God and us! And nothing else could be more important for helping us find meaning in life then what we find in these few verses.

And knowing the truth about God, the world, and us is more important than ever because what you believe about God, the world and others shapes your worldview, how you look at the world, how you live. In order to counter false worldviews we have to know what truth is, what God says. How will we respond to worldviews that have no room for God?

One idea today in the field of Physics is the theory of the multiverse (mostly known only to people who read comics). According to the thinking o ...

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