by Jerry Watts

Your Life's Goal
Jerry Watts
John 4:1-10

This morning's message, from the end of John 3, was very personal. It spoke truth to us about our own life and from the scripture we were challenged about the 'statement' our life was and is making to this world. It would serve us well to take a minute to write out what we would like our life's statement to be, versus what it actually is. That message has some helps for correcting our path. We must 'Recognize our Source,' 'Realize our Status,' and 'Receive our Salvation.'

Tonight we read part of a familiar story and pull out another very person truth from Jesus (READ).

There are so many things that we can learn from the earthly life of Jesus that to name them all would be impossible. Consider this, Jesus lived a 'purpose driven life' so above all else, we need to learn how to live with and for a specific purpose. He possessed a clear and singular goal that He expressed in several different ways. To one group He said, ''The Son of Man has come to seek and save the lost.'' To another group He said, ''The sick don't need a doctor''. And to this lady, He said, ''I'll give you living water.'' Was Jesus speaking of putting water in a cup or glass and handing it to this Samaritan lady? No, He was speaking in a metaphor. He came to give her and us life beyond compare. This is what He has done for you and me, give us abundant life here and eternal life there.

Do you have that life? If not, why would you wait? If you do, Jesus has given us a command and a challenge. As long as He was on earth, He was the light of the world and the purveyor of eternal life, now that He has returned to heaven, He has passed the baton on to you and me to offer, share, and give the ''Living Water of Eternal Life'' to people on earth.

One of the mistakes made today is to think that Jesus came just to make our life better here. His goal is for everyone possible to drink of this living water - and He's called us to do His work.

So, how do ...

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