by Jerry Watts

A Life's Statement
Jerry Watts
John 3:22-36

So we read an episode in the life of John the Baptist, the biological cousin of our Lord Jesus, the one who was prophesized as preparing the way of the Lord, and the one who introduced Jesus to the world as the Lamb of God. The gospels tell us that ''John appeared'' preaching repentance, confronting the self-righteous, and baptizing those who would respond. John's life purpose or life's statement was written by his actions, his ministry, and by his life. He decided to respond to God.

We have the ability to choose. It was given to us when God blew HIS breath and HIS into the first man. As a living soul, we can choose life, death, right, wrong, good, evil, God, or self. Literally, God allows you to choose the course that your earthly life will take. Our ability to choose is a part of God's grand, glorious, and divine design. Every person has a choice about who or what to be.

You can be a Football fan, a racing fan, a soccer fan, a lazy person, a workaholic, or any of a 1000 choices. Here's the point: Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, and wherever you are headed, your life is making a statement to this world. It tells the world who you are, what you deem important. It displays your motivation, and it reveals you heart. Against that backdrop;

Reading this story and seeing all the 'goings on' around John the Baptist (right after Jesus' encounter with Nicodemus), we discover John's life statement. It is the reason he lived, it is his motivation, it serves as his guiding light, and it reveals his heart.

What statement could be made about you that would reveal your reason for living and disclose your heart? Would that statement begin with ''I''? Would it include Jesus? What would it reveal?

Think about your life statement as we read John. Verse 30 says, ''He must increase, but I must decrease.'' Did you get that? Do you realize just how easy that is to say and how difficult to live?

The sinful mak ...

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