by Jerry Vines

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Colossians 3:22-4:1
Jerry Vines
LifeWorks, #15

We are looking at the overall theme of LifeWorks. This book of the Bible really
tells you how life works. Life doesn’t really work until Christ comes into your life. But
when Jesus comes into your life then you have the essential ingredient to make every area
of your life work the way it ought to work. We are looking at this portion of Colossians
which shows us how the Christian faith relates to every area of your life. This evening we
are talking about jobworks. How the Christian faith relates to your job and how your job
is to work in relation to the Christian faith.
What are you going to do tomorrow? I hope you’ve had a good weekend and
done some of the things you wanted to do. I hope it’s been pleasurable and exciting for
you. I want to congratulate you for being sure that on this weekend you took some time
to be in the house of the Lord and worship the Lord and offer praises unto Him and get
your tank all filled up for the week. But what are you going to do tomorrow? Probably
most of you will begin your day very, very early in the morning. Some of you are students
and you will be getting up early and heading off to school, trying to complete these last
few weeks of school. Some of you are involved in business and you’ll be heading out to
the airport and getting on a plane. You may get back tomorrow night or it may be several
nights, but you are involved in travel. Some of you are in the sales arena. Others of you
will be going to medical complexes, to various hospitals. You are involved in the healing
areas. Others of you will be going to offices and working in computers or working with
transportation or communication. What are you going to do tomorrow? Whatever you
do will be something related to your work, something related to your daily activities.
What does the Christian faith have to do with that world? How will being a

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