by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Colossians 3:15-21

I always enjoy Mothers' Day because it becomes another opportunity to express appreciation and gratitude to our wonderful, precious mothers.

I guess my favorite Mothers' Day joke of all time is about the wealthy man who couldn't see his mother on Mothers' Day and he decided to do something very special for her. He heard about this talking bird that could whistle ''Amazing Grace'' and quote the 23rd Psalm. Even though it cost $30,000 he bought it and sent it to his mother. Several days later he called and asked, ''Mother, how did you like that bird I sent you?''

She said, ''Oh, it was delicious, son.''

This just reminds me again that we like to take this opportunity to have a special time to recognize our mothers. Mothers' Day provides us a wonderful opportunity to just take a look again at something which is near to the heart of every mother and that's the matter of family and home. When you read the Bible you will find many wonderful things in it. But when you come to this book of Colossians you find a book which I have titled ''LifeWorks'' because this book tells us how life works. If you want to understand what life and what it's all about you can find it in this book.

In chapter 1 we see the sufficiency of Christ. In chapter 2 we read about the deficiency of cults. In chapters 3 and 4 we learn about the efficiency of Christianity and how that the Christian faith applies itself to every area and every relationship of our lives. The Christian faith talks about the family and how the home works. The Bible says we are to learn to show piety first at home. If your Christianity doesn't work at home, it doesn't work. Don't export it.

The Bible tells us about some things to help our families be what they ought to be. The one who makes a product understands how that product is put together and how it works. God, in the garden of Eden, established the family. He founded the family and has given ...

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