by Jerry Vines

Matthew 13:31-32
These mystery parables that the Lord Jesus gives us in this
chapter are very important and very interesting to us because they
explain what's going on in the particular age in which we live.
There are certain currents of history that are presently moving
which cannot be understood apart from the things Jesus has to say
in this particular parable. For instance, we have raised the
question of why it is that everybody does not receive the Gospel.
Those of us who have received Jesus as our Savior, who believe the
Word of God, sometimes find it very difficult to understand why
everybody in the whole world doesn't do the same. In the parable
of the soils, Jesus said that some seed goes in one kind of heart,
some in another and so on. The point is that the whole response
of the Gospel is dependent upon the condition of the human heart.
Then there is the parable of the wheat and the tares which tells
of the fact that everytime the Lord plants that which is true the
devil plants that which is counterfeit and imitation. Growing
right alongside the wheat - the genuine, there is also the tares -
the satanic imitation.
In the parable of the mustard seed, the Lord Jesus is going
to deal with some matters that really have perplexed God's chil-
dren at this particular period of time. We're going to deal with
why there is an apostate Christianity. Why is there the tendency
of Christianity to depart from the faith and go away from the Word
of God? Why does there have to be that constant diligence to keep
the church of the Lord Jesus Christ always true to the faith. It
raises and answers the question of what is ahead for organized
Christendom. In other words. where u organipze religion going.?
When we understand what God is doing in our day it will help us
find the answer to that question. There is another question I'm
going to try to answer from this parable which is probably inci-
dental in nature but I think the a ...

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