by Jerry Vines

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Colossians 3:5-14
Jerry Vines

LifeWorks #13

The account of the Lord Jesus Christ raising Lazarus from the dead has to be one
of the most exciting episodes in all the Bible. The Lord Jesus Christ stood before the tomb
of Lazarus who had been dead for four days and the Bible says Jesus said with a loud
voice, “Lazarus, come forth.” Out of that grave came Lazarus in his grave clothes. Jesus
told them to loose him and let him go. They took those grave clothes of death away from
Lazarus and he was set free to go and live again.
Today I want to create for you an imaginary sequel to that exciting episode. I
want you to imagine that you and I are there in Bethany shortly after Jesus has raised
Lazarus from the dead and has loosed him from his grave clothes. We are walking around
there and we say, “Excuse me, but is this not the village where Jesus raised Lazarus from
the dead?”
“Oh, yes, this is it, man. You never saw such shouting and carrying on and
rejoicing as the day when Lazarus was brought back from the dead.”
“Well, we would like to visit Brother Lazarus and talk with him a little bit and let
him tell us just how wonderful it is. Where could we find him?”
“You’ll find him over there in the graveyard. He’s in the tomb where Jesus raised
him from the dead.”
“The tomb?”
“Yes, that’s where you’ll find him.”
We go over to the tomb where Lazarus was buried and then raised from the dead
and we get in front of it and say, “Lazarus, are you in there?”
“Yes, I’m in here.”
So, we go into the tomb and there, sure enough, stands Lazarus and he’s all bound
up. We say, “Now, wait a minute, Lazarus, didn’t Jesus raise you from the dead?”
“Oh, yes, He raised me from the dead, praise His Name.”
“Lazarus, what in the world, then, are you doing in this graveyard?”
“Well, you know I spent four days in here. I got kind of used to it and I just don’t
know but what I’m more comfortable in th ...

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