by Jerry Vines

Matthew 13:24-30
The parables of Matthew, chapter 13, are called by the Lord
Jesus in verse 11,
...the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven...
In the New Testament, a mystery is a truth which could not be
known unless God revealed that truth. These kingdom parables re-
vealed to us the answers to the great questions that have per-
plexed the minds of men through the ages. Of course, it is
obvious that you can't get the right answers until you ask the
right questions. I heard about a man who was walking into a
courthouse one day and he saw an old gentleman and a dog. He said
to the man, "Does your dog bite?" The old man said, "No." So the
man reached over and was going to pet the dog but when he did the
dog nipped him. He pulled back and said, "I thought you said your
dog didn't bite!" The old man said, "Ain't my dog." You've got
to ask the right questions if you expect to get the right answers.
Sometimes, people accuse preachers of asking questions that nobod-
y's answering. The fact is, we're probably asking the questions
that people ought to be answering. The average person today wants
to know what's on at the movies, what's for supper and what will
we do tomorrow. We really ought to be asking, Where is all of
this going to end? What is life all about? Where did we come
from? and, What are we doing here? Jesus asked some of the great
questions that have perplexed the minds of men through the ages.
We recently studies the parable of the sower and we saw that the
seed was the good Word of God planted into the hearts of individu-
als. Sometimes it comes up and gives a good crop. At other
times, it doesn't seem to have a great deal of effect. This is
the answer to the question, Why is it when the Gospel is preached
that not everybody responds and is saved?
The Lord Jesus is going to answer another question this
morning that is of a great interest to all of us today. The ques-
tion is, Is the world g ...

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