by Jerry Vines

Matthew 13:1-23
You really have to understand what has gone on in Matthew,
chapter 12, to plug into what's being said in Matthew, chapter 13.
Verse 1 says,
The same day...
That is the day that the friends of the family of Jesus came to
see Him and to get Him. They thought that Jesus had gone out of
His mind. At that same particular time, the religious leaders of
judaism had rejected the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew, chapter 12,
is a chapter of controversy and conflict. The religious leaders
are basically questioning everything Jesus does. They are looking
for some means for Jesus to attack Him and find fault with Him.
In Matthew, chapter 12, they are plotting to destroy Jesus.
They've decided that He's not going to be allowed to live and
they're going to put him to death. Matthew, 12 is a chapter of
In chapter 13, there is a change in the teaching method of
Jesus. The Bible says that at thrat prticuiar term, o that
particular day, Jesus began to speak unto them in parables. You
and I are familiar with parables if we've studied the life of
Jesus in the New Testament. A parable is a physical illustration
which is used to explain a spiritual truth. The word parable
really means to place alongside When you have a spiritual truth
that you want to illustrate you take something that is familiar
from the world of nature or the physical realm and use it to
explain your spiritual truth. The best definition I ever heard of
a parable is that it is an earthy story with a heavenly meaning.
Jesus taught wonderful lessons in parables. But why at this par-
ticular time did Jesus turn to this method to explain spiritual
truths? We are not the first ones to wonder that. In verse 10
the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him that question,
Why speakest thou unto them in parables?
In verse 11 He answers them by saying,
Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of
the kingdom of heaven, but to them ( ...

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