by Jerry Vines

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Colossians 2:18 and 19
Jerry Vines

LifeWorks #10

We are looking at the deficiency of cults. The book of Colossians has as its
purpose to set forth the absolute sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ. In doing this, in the
first chapter he has set before us the supremacy, the sufficiency of Christ. Now, in the
second chapter he takes all other substitutes for the Lord Jesus Christ and compares them
to what we have in Him.
I read this week about a farmer in Madison, Wisconsin, who has built a maze on
400 acres of his cornfield. It’s a rather sophisticated affair. They have used satellites in
order to help design the maze and a variety of other technological innovations. They have
towers so that when people go through the maze and get lost, they will be able to locate
them. But, here is going to be a huge maze over 400 acres of a cornfield and people will
go in and out of it and try to find their way.
A maze is a confusing intricate network of passages. Do you remember going to
the fair and they had house of mirrors. You would go into that house of mirrors and try to
make your way through that maze of mirrors. It was a maze, a confusing intricate
network of passages.
When you study what the Bible has to say about the cults and when you look at
the cults which are currently rampant in America today, you find yourself very much as if
you are in a maze. It’s very difficult to really pin it down. It’s very difficult to find just
exactly what the cult is trying to teach.
In the early days, in the New Testament days, there were a variety of cults that
were abroad and false teachers who were moving in and out of the Christian community
offering substitutes or additions to the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, you and I know that
Jesus Christ is the One and Only. Jesus is not A way to God. Jesus is THE w ...

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