by Joe Alain

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Free to Love (7 of 10)
Series: Beautiful Mess
Joe Alain
1 Corinthians 8:1-13


1. Use your spiritual knowledge to build others up (8:1-3)
2. Deepen your understanding of the character of God (8:4-6)
3. Exercise your Christian freedom with care (8:7-13)

What does it mean to be free? Are there limits to our freedoms? How do we balance our individual freedoms with the greater community and nation of which we belong to? These are not always easy to answer. And when these issues get ''messy, they sometimes end up in a court of law. As Christians living in these United States we have dual freedoms, we have freedoms as citizens of the United States and we have spiritual freedom from the tyranny and power of sin. Through the cross where sin was paid for, we have freedom in Christ!

Life Application: Exercising our Christian freedom can sometimes be ''messy'' because more often than not, we must be guided by principles rather than specific rules. In Christ we are free, but we are ''Free to Love.''

Action Step: Christians should practice their Christian freedom responsibly by considering others, building others up in Christian love. In using your freedom responsibly, you will be helping to build up other believers, helping them to mature in Christ.

Chapter 8 of 1 Corinthians deals with knowledge, love, idols, and the weaker Christian. What does it all mean for us today?

In our text, there is a plea to . . .

1. Use your spiritual knowledge to build others up (8:1-3)

(1) Read 8:1-3. The issue was ''food sacrificed to idols'' (8:1). Animals would be offered as sacrifices in pagan temples. The meat from those sacrifices would be split up in three ways: (1) Some would be burned (usually the fat),
(2) Some given to the priest, and
(3) Some given to the offerer. Obviously, the priest could only use so much meat (they didn't have freezers), so the excess meat would be offered in the local meat markets. Now, only the best animals were bro ...

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