by Joe Alain

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The Language of Love (9 of 10)
Series: Beautiful Mess
Joe Alain
1 Corinthians 13:1-7


1. Interference: Life without Love (13:1-3)
2. Connection: Life in Love (Read 13:4-7)

Introduction: The process of communication is a complicated matter but you would think it would be pretty simple. You have a speaker (the sender) and you have another person or persons listening (the receiver) and communication takes place. But what hinders communication between people is that there is so much ''noise'' or ''interference.'' And this interference comes in a variety of ways.

(1) Physiological noise; distractions prompted by your own body, you're tired, you don't feel well, you're hungry. And ''You're not yourself when you're hungry.''

(2) Physical noise; others are talking, moving around, the television is on too loud in the background, etc.

(3) Semantic noise; people don't always share the same understanding about our words and ideas. A pastor friend invited me to sing at a French-speaking gathering of believers several years ago. The entire service was conducted in French. I managed to practice a few hymns in French and the people were very kind to me, noting my unique accent which was neither Parisian or Cajun French. During the sermon, I understood about 1 in 20 words that was spoken. I'm sure he was communicating the Gospel clearly (based on my analysis of how the audience responded); however, there was too much semantic noise for me to be edified.

(4) Psychological noise; preconceived ideas that we bring to the conversation that we have picked up from our parents, friends, culture, what we've read, been taught, etc.

With all this noise, it's a wonder any communication takes place. But, there is something that is able to overcome all of this ''interference,'' it's the language of love! God's love cancels the noise! Through His love shown to us on the cross of Christ, the ''noise'' of sin that distracted us, driving us to pursue an empt ...

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