by Jerry Watts

This Is the Judgment
Jerry Watts
John 3:19-21

In our culture today, the word judgment has become a 'one-dimensional' word even though it has many meanings. We know that it has a legal meaning which parallels 'verdict' or 'decision.' It is true that judgment possesses the meaning to decide on guilt and innocence, but there is more.

The word judgment in the Greek is the word ''Krisis'' - so we know what word gives us in English. It is word ''CRISIS'' and many times a 'judgment' brings a crisis, particularly if the judgment is not what we desire. We feel judged when people speak unkindly and wrongly of us. We feel judged when we are turned down for a money load of some kind (I.E. car, house, credit card, etc). We are judged when someone fairly or unfairly questions our faith, our life, and our love for the Lord. We are when we stand before one who wears the title of JUDGE to declare our guilt or innocence.

This word is used almost 50 times in the New Testament. Interestingly this word has several renderings which includes judgment, condemnation, and even damnation. Did you notice that 2 of those three words carried the idea of guilt?

This morning we read that ''God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through HIM might be saved'' and ''Whoever believes in Him is not condemned but whoever does not believe in Him is CONDEMNED ALREADY.'' Strong words. Why are those people condemned already? Because ''They Have Not believed in Jesus.'' And this is the test.

A test is what this passage says in the ''Bible in Basic English'', ''This is the test by which men are judged.'' Saved or not? Lost or found? Heaven or hell? Look at this judgment and see 3 pictures described here. Never forget what Peter writes, ''God is not willing that any should perish'' and contrast that with Jesus' word, ''Few will make it'' - and these 3 pictures take on great meaning.

Reaching - Verse 19 says, ''The light has come to the world'' which ...

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