by Jerry Vines

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Colossians 2:8-10
Jerry Vines
LifeWorks, #8

A business man said to me several years ago that it is not enough for a person to
be born again. He said, “You preachers are always preaching about the gospel of the Lord
Jesus Christ, but there is more to it. A person needs to know Jesus as their Savior, that’s
right. But then, they need something in addition to the Lord Jesus Christ.” He was saying
that Jesus Christ, plus something else equals everything you need.
The book of Colossians takes an altogether contradictory view to that particular
view. The book of Colossians says that Jesus Christ plus anything else equals nothing.
These verses we are studying are the key verses of the book of Colossians and it makes it
very clear that all fullness is in the Lord Jesus Christ. All completeness is in the Lord
Jesus Christ. When you know Jesus Christ, you have everything your heart could ever
need or desire.
We are moving to a second thought in our book of Colossians. It’s a new series
within a series, if you please. We address the subject of the deficiency of cults. There
were false teachers who had come to the city of Colosse and were saying to these
Christians, “Jesus Christ is okay, but Jesus Christ is just one among many. He is not the
one and only. You need something in addition to and beyond the Lord Jesus Christ.”
So, there was a four-headed monster that had reared its ugly head in Colosse. This
four-headed monster could be categorized around these four words: intellectualism,
ritualism, mysticism, and legalism. The same four things are current today. All cults have
as their ingredients one of these four or a combination of all four of these. Any cult,
outside the church; any heresy on the inside of the church, if you will look closely they go
off base in intellectualism, rituatualism, mysticism or legali ...

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