by Jerry Vines

Matthew 6:1-18
We know that the Lord Jesus was the Son of God. He was God
in human flesh. When he stood before men to preach, He didn't
stand as an ordinary man does. When I stand to preach and look
out into my congregation, all I can see is the outside of people.
I am not able to look on the inside. I don't know the hearts'
feelings or motives. The Bible says,
... for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the
Lord looketh on the heart (I Samuel 16:7).
When -Jesus preached He could do what no mere human preacher could
do. He was able to look into the hearts of men and know what
their motives were.
Now I want to raise a question. Why do you do what you do?
What are the motives that cause you to do the things that you do?
This is what Jesus is trying to talk about in these verses. He is
saying that an outward display of religion is not what matters.
Jesus is saying, what really matters is what you are in your heart
and the motives that cause you to do the things that you do.
Verse one is an introductory statement that summarizes everything
that Jesus is going to say in this particular part of the Sermon
on the Mount.
Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be
seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your
Father which is in heaven.
Notice that Jesus is not saying to not do your alms. By the
way, the word alms there is a broad, all encompassing word, that
refers to acts of religious devotion or the things you do to
express your religion. Jesus is not saying that you ought not to
do thes things Hee is not saying that you ought to lay aside
good works. The Bible teaches us to do good works. In Titus 2:14
it says that God has purified unto Himself a special people,
zealous of good works. In the third chapter of Titus, the Bible
says that we are to maintain good works. Jesus is saying that we
ought to be very careful when we do good works to do them, not to
be seen of men but for the honor and gl ...

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