by Jerry Vines

Matthew 7:13-29
We have just concluded a week of revival with Evangelist
Junior Hill. I don't know of a preacher that has been as great a
blessing to me personally, in a long time, as was Junior Hill.
There was a warmth and sincerity about him and a simplicity about
him that was certainly refreshing. God used him in a wonderful
way. At the conclusion of all of his messages he would have an
invitation. He would invite people to come to the Lord Jesus
Christ and many scores of people made the decision to respond to
the Gospel invitation, come to know Christ as their Savior and get
onto the road that leads to heaven. To give a public invitation
for people to come to Christ is not something that we just do
during a revival meeting. Everytime we gather together, Sunday
morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening, when Dr. Lindsay and
I preach the message and come to the conclusion we always give a
Gospel invitation and invite people to come to Jesus and be saved.
Have you ever wondered why we always invite people to decide to
receive Jesus as their Savior and go to heaven? There is a
difference between Bible preaching and just speaking about other
subjects. Bible preaching always brings with it a call for deci-
sion. Bible truth is not something that is just information that
is to be received and then be dismissed to go home. Bible truth is
always information which is to be received and then acted upon. It
is never enough to receive the Gospel as information but it is to
be received and then responded to.
Jesus concludes His Sermon on the Mount with a public invita-
tion. When you read the 5th chapter of Matthew, the opening verses
teach us that primarily Jesus has addressed His sermon to believ-
ers, His disciples.
... and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:
Matthew 5:1.
The beginning of that verse also says:
And seeing the multitudes...
There were multitudes of people there in addition to His disciples.
S ...

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