by Jerry Vines

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Colossians 1:9-14
Jerry Vines
LifeWorks, #3
We are in a brand new series of messages. I brought two messages last Sunday
around this theme of LifeWorks. The book of Colossians tells us how life works--what
life is all about. The first 14 verses are the introductory verses. Next Sunday morning I’ll
pick up at verse 15 and talk about Jesus, the One and Only. Life doesn’t work until you
know Jesus, the One and Only.
Let’s look at this great pray. These verses 9-14 tell us about how prayer works.
The National Opinion Research Center has found that the American people believe
in prayer. They found that 60% of American people say they pray on a daily basis. 78% of
American people say they pray at least once a week. Only 1% say they never pray. So,
America is a nation of people who believes in prayer.
Researchers have even found that Atheists and agnostics pray. I find that rather
interesting. I guess when an Atheist prays he has to address it “To Whom it may
Concern.” But most people do believe in prayer. There is a difference in saying prayers
and praying prayers.
Before Paul came to know Jesus as Savior he was a very religious man. He was a
Pharisee and as Pharisees did, he could be seen standing on a street corner saying, “I thank
thee that I am not as other men are.” He was constantly involved in saying prayers. But
when he came to know Jesus on the Damascus road, the Lord said about this man Saul,
“Behold he prays.” Now instead of saying prayers he has started praying prayers and Paul
becomes a great man of prayer. He prayed for other people. You will find long lists of
people that Paul prayed for. He was constantly asking people to pray for him. He
realized the importance of prayer and how much he needed in his ministry for people to
pray for him.
In the letters of the New Test ...

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