by Jerry Vines

Let's Go Fishing
Jerry Vines
Matthew 4:12-25

These verses summarize our Lord's ministry in the area of Galilee. Jesus has already been baptized. He has been anointed by the Holy Spirit for His ministry. He has been tempted of the devil and has proven sufficient unto the test. Now he begins his great work in the land of Galilee.

There are several movements in these verses which are very interesting to follow. We see the places where He went, we see the people that He encountered, and we see the power which He displayed.

Verses 12 through 17 tell us about the Lord's move. Jesus moves from his home town in Nazareth to the city of Capernaum, which is right on the edge of the sea of Galilee. He fulfills Scripture in doing so in verse 14. In verses 15 and 16, Matthew quotes from Isaiah 9:1andamp;2. It was a very sensible move on the part of Jesus, because when he went down to Capernaum he went where the people were. There was a large population there.

It was more in the center of the activities of the land. So Jesus, the light of the world, went there because that's where the people were. It was a land of darkness and a land of death. As Isaiah had predicted the light would come where the darkness and death was the greatest. That's the way Jesus always worked. He went where the need was the greatest. He went where the people needed to see the light. When the light comes on, life comes in. John said about the Lord Jesus, In him was life; and the life was the light of men (John 1:4). When Christ comes to a place, the light always comes on and spiritual light begins to occur, Jesus was winning people to himself, people were being saved and their lives were being changed. In verse 17 it sa that Jesus began- to preach and to say, "Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." This is the same message that John the Baptist used. The Gospel doesn't change, it's always the same message. I am preaching the same message today that John the Baptist preached, tha ...

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