IN A CAVE (2 OF 8)

by Jerry Vines

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In A Cave
Psalm 57
Jerry Vines

Many of the Psalms in your Bible are written with a particular circumstance or
background around the life of David in mind. We learn in some of these psalms which
David wrote under unusual and sometimes difficult circumstances, indeed, where the
psalms are written. We learn that sometimes through these variety of experiences in life
there are lessons to be learned about God which can be learned in no other place.
Sometimes David will be in pleasant places and we learn a great deal about. Last week he
was in a horrible pit and we learned some things about God in a pit that he couldn’t learn
anywhere else. He is in a cave in this passage. This psalm was a psalm of David when he
fled from Saul in the cave.
Evidently the earlier years in the life of David, probably this is a reference to the
experience David had when he was on the run from Saul and Saul was chasing him and
trying to hunt him down and kill him like a dog. He fled into the cave of Adulum near the
Dead Sea. Some of the caves in this particular part of the world are large, massive caves.
Hundreds and thousands of people could dwell in these caves. They have large rooms and
many passageways that go out in all directions. Some of these caves have never been fully
So, David, in his time of danger, when he was literally running for his life, has now
sought refuge in a cave. David said along this period of time that there is but a step
between me and death. Have you ever been in a cave? Sometimes we hear Christians
teach as if the Christian life is being on the mountain top all the time. The truth of the
matter is that sometimes we find ourselves in caves. Caves sometimes aren’t very pleasant
either. They can be wet and damp and cold and dark and dangerous.
We normally don’t choose caves for ourselves. We are chased into them or we fall
into them. We fin ...

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