by Jerry Vines

Approved by Heaven
Jerry Vines
Matthew 3:13-17

There is always something thrilling and moving about a young person who just begins his life's career. Graduation comes and the young teacher steps into the classroom to face inquiring minds. Residency requirements are completed and the young doctor steps into the hallways of the hospitals, ministering to the suffering and to the needy. A young man gets his first promotion and he begins moving up the ladder in the business world. There is always an excitement. There is always a sense of enthusiasm as a young person gets ready to begin their public ministry. The word about John the Baptist was beginning to spread. The word was getting around that a great national revival was taking place on the banks of the river Jordan. Word didn't travel as quickly then as it does now. You and I go home in the evening and turn on the evening news. Anything that has taken place, anywhere in the world is instantly a news item for us. In the days of Jesus, it had to go by traveler from place to place or traders who carried their wares from city to city. So it took a period of time for word to get around. One day the word came all the way to the hills of Galilee to the little village of Nazareth about the baptizing ministry of John the Baptist. The Lord Jesus heard those words and He knew that God's hour had struck. So he lays aside his tools, wraps up his workers' apron and lays it aside, bids farewell to his home and he makes his journey to the river Jordan. The Lord Jesus traveled seventy miles in walking in order to be baptized of John. You ought never call anything unimportant which the Lord Jesus Christ walked seventy miles to do. You and I do not believe that baptism is an essential part of salvation. Remember the thief on the cross who said, "Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom." (Luke 23:42) Jesus said to him, "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise." (Luke 23:43) I believe that, according to the scripture ...

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