by Kerry Shook

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Storm Proofing Your Relationships (2 of 4)
Series: Fixer Upper - Remodeling Your Relationships
Kerry Shook
Acts 27:14-20

The rains of culture
The winds of change
The storm surge of crises

''Before very long, a wind of hurricane force, called the 'northeaster,' swept down from the island. The ship was caught by the storm and could not head into the wind; so we gave way to it and were driven along. As we passed to the lee of a small island called Cauda, we were hardly able to make the lifeboat secure. When the men had hoisted it aboard, they passed ropes under the ship itself to hold it together. Fearing that they would run aground on the sandbars of Syrtis, they lowered the sea anchor and let the ship be driven along. We took such a violent battering from the storm that the next day they began to throw the cargo overboard. On the third day, they threw the ship's tackle overboard with their own hands. When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved.''
Acts 27:14-20 (NIV)

The storm can grow my character

The storm can clarify my priorities
''We took such a violent battering from the storm that the next day they began to throw the cargo overboard.'' Acts 27:18 (NIV)

The storm can strengthen my commitments

''Then Paul said to the centurion and the soldiers, 'Unless these men stay with the ship, you cannot be saved.' So the soldiers cut the ropes that held the lifeboat and let it fall away.'' Acts 27:31, 32 (NIV)

''Fearing that we would be dashed against the rocks, they dropped four anchors from the stern and prayed for daylight.'' Acts 27:29 (NIV)

''Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.'' Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)


The Anchor of God's Presence

''Last night an angel of the God whose I am and who I serve stood beside me….'' Acts 27:23 (NIV)

''Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.'' H ...

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