by Zach Terry

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The Curse (3 of 6)
Series: East of Eden
Zach Terry
Genesis 3:7-24 (ESV)

We began the series by talking about how we as Christians live our lives under a sort of Spiritual GPS. Just as a physical GPS identifies our place on the planet based on readings from three satellites, we can identify our spiritual location and gain proper direction for our life based on the three satellites as well. Creation, Christ and Culmination.

So far we have looked at Creation and the Fall.

We began this series with a look at Creation as God intended -
We saw that man was created as the image bearer of God. In other words he was to reflect the glory of God to the rest of creation as a mirror bears and reflects the image of a man. We said he shared many aspects of God's essential nature.

Creativity - Man has the ability to bring order out of Chaos and in one way or another we all find ourself doing that.
Command - Man was given authority and dominion.
Community - it was not possible for man to adequately reflect God's glory in solitude, he needed another like himself. So God created woman, so that the two of them in concert could best reflect the essential nature of God.

Then we saw last week that Satan approached the woman and tempted her to eat of the one tree God had commended them not to eat, lest they surely die. We saw that her act of disobedience was the essence of all sin - it was saying that exchanging the Godness of God for the Godness of Man.

Today we look carefully at the fall and it's effects.

Personal Guilt
This is probably the most obvious effect of the fall, but the most difficult for people to admit. Biblical repentance is not simply recognizing the presence of a problem - it's recognizing and owning personal guilty for our rebellion against God.

Objective guilt says - that thing that I did was a sin.
Subjective guilt says - I am a person who commits that sort of sin.

Subjective guilt is when you face the fact tha ...

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