by Jerry Vines

Matthew 3: 1-12
I. John's Mission -
At this particular time, in the land of Israel, there was a new
voice being heard. Down on the banks of the river Jordan and in
the wilderness of Judea, there was a man named John the Baptist,
who was beginning his ministry. It was a very amazing and
unusual ministry. The Lord Jesus said about John,in Matthew
11:11, "Among them that are born of women there hath not risen
a greater than John the Baptist. He is an unusual man and
everything about him is startling. His message is a startling
message. He is very stunning in his appearance. The place where
he ministers is a very unusual unlikely place. He is ministering
in the wilderness of Judaea. When you and I think about a
wilderness, we think about a place where there are alot of trees
and undergrowth. The wilderness of Judea was a place of chalky
soil covered with pebbles and broken rocks. Snakes were
scurrying everywhere and the wind was constantly blowing. It was
a very desolate and lonely place. For a period of years, this
man, John, had been in the wilderness of Judaea and God was
speaking to his heart and giving him a message for the people.
He was alone with God and with the Bible. God did a work in his
I have said many times in my ministry that I have always
believed that if man would just take the Word of God and get
alone somewhere for a period of time, let God speak to him and
teach him the Word, that that man would come out and shake his
nation. I believe what we need today is for our nation to be
shaken. I believe the way it's going to be done is for there to
be a return of the preaching of the unadulterated Word of God in
America. I am grateful for all of the great preachers of the
past. I thank God for the preachers who've had an influence on
my life, but I believe that we are desperately needing to hear
the voice of God in America again. We need to hear of voice like
the voice of John the Baptist. John is i ...

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