by Jerry Watts

The Answer is ''Blowing like the Wind''
Jerry Watts
John 3:4-13

Today we drop into the middle of a conversation. Whenever you come into the middle of a conversation, you are always one step behind, you'll draw the wrong conclusion, or you'll say something crazy because you don't have the full context of that conversation. So let's catch up.

Nicodemus came to Jesus by night to have a private, intimate conversation with Him. Approaching Jesus with respect, Nicodemus didn't get through with his opening remarks when Jesus simply cut to the chase and gave a clear message which was for Nicodemus, the disciples, to me, to you, and to everyone who ever draws a breath. Jesus said, ''You must be born again.'' As we heard last week, it was simply, serious, and set; it cannot be changed. 'Be Born Again' comes from two Greek words. The first one is 'gennao' sounds like the word from which we get our English word gene (genetics) and it means beget, be born, bring forth, or 'regenerate.' The second word is 'anothen' which sounds like our English word 'another' (or in the south 'anoddun' - grin) and it means from the beginning, again, or 'from above'. So being born again is to be 'regenerated from above.' Now, is it any wonder than mankind has difficulty explaining and understanding what happens? Yet, Jesus is clear, we are not required to understand it and explain the how it works, but we are to walk by faith, place our faith in the only Son of God, and be born again. Think about birth or being born for a sec;

First birth produces 'life' (new). Next, when you are born, you only have a future, not a past. How encouraging should that be for us?! In fact many years ago, I heard Carmen say, ''When Satan wants to remind you of your past, remind him of his future.'' How encouraging should it be that when you are born again you have new life and no past!? One last thing, all births replicate its own kind. This goes back to creation, 'after its own kind. God births you into so ...

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