by Jerry Vines

Christmas in Egypt
Jerry Vines
Matthew 2:13-15

The visit of the wisemen, the gifts that they offered and the worship which they rendered must have been a great encouragement to Mary and also to Joseph. But their encouragement was short-lived. Very soon after the departure of the wisemen, the Bible says the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and gave him an emergency message from heaven. It was a message of danger that Herod was planning on killing the young child Jesus. So Joseph took Mary and the little child Jesus and they went down into Egypt. Egypt. What in the world does Egypt have to do with Christmas? We hardly ever think about Christmas in relation to the land of Egypt. Now if you read the Bible, Egypt is not an unfamiliar place to you. Over 600 times in the Bible, the land of Egypt is referred to. It is a picture in the Bible of this world. The first time Egypt is mentioned is in Genesis 12:10 where we are told that Abraham departed and went down into Egypt. Normally that is the way the Bible describes Egypt. It is normally "going down into Egypt." In the Bible the land of Egypt is a symbol of this world with its lures and its lusts, with its sin and its shame, with its slavery and its sorrow. So it is hardly the place you would expect to find a Christmas message. What do we mean when we say that Christmas for many people is going to be Christmas in Egypt?

If all Christmas means to you is a time of parties and presents, then you are going to have Christmas in Egypt. If Christmas is going to be a time for you to exploit your lusts then you, friend, are going to have Christmas in Egypt. If Christmas for you is going to be a time of fussing and fighting, and stealing and snatching, and drinking and drugging, then you are going to have Christmas in Egypt. I want you to go with me to somewhere in Jacksonville today and make a visit to a man. This man at one time had a very happy family. He had a wife who loved him dearly and he 3 loved h ...

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