by Jerry Vines

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Mark 12:41-44
Jerry Vines
PJM, #10

Perhaps you heard several days ago that Ted Turner, the billionaire from Atlanta, Georgia,
has announced he is going to give a billion dollars to charity. There was a rather interesting
Newsweek article about it this week. Of course, it is certainly noteworthy that any individual would
want to give a gift totaling a billion dollars. Yet, we are going to study a scripture this morning
about a woman in the Bible who actually gave more than Ted Turner did. Ted Turner gave a billion
dollars. How much did this woman give? As best I can calculate she gave about a fourth of a penny.
You know that I'm not a good mathematician, but surely I can do better than that. Just bear with me
and I'll share with you about a woman that Jesus meets who really did give more than Ted Turner
It's stretching it a little when we're talking about people Jesus met and talk about this widow.
As best we can tell, they never really met one another. Jesus said no words to her. She said no
words to Jesus. We have no record in Scripture that they ever met one another. Yet, what she did
was so beautiful and what Jesus says about it is so meaningful that it has been memorialized in the
pages of God's Word.
She is an unnamed widow. Yet, she becomes, in the Bible's Hall of Fame, the heroine of that
great host of unknown and unnamed children of God who faithfully support the things of the Lord.
They never get their name mentioned anywhere. They are never inscribed in any registry on any
occasions. Yet, these are the unnamed, unheralded saints who do the work of the Lord, support the
work of the Lord, and everything they do, they do out of a deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ.
I want us to look at several observations in these verses when the Lord Jesus Christ sees this

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